Oct 01 2019

Basic Space Planning and Office Design

When it comes to designing an office space, the question I am asked most frequently is, “How do you envision the space in such a way?” Let me share with you, the three key philosophies that can help us break down the design process:

Sep 04 2019

Flex Space Is the Solution to the Ever Increasing Demand for Office Space in Toronto

The current trend of office users moving away from their traditional downtown office spaces may seem like a newly sprouted movement. On one hand, we can see the demand for space in the downtown core of Toronto is just as hot as it was durin

Sep 04 2019

5 Small Steps to a More Sustainable Office

Whether we believe that climate change is a real phenomenon or not, we know as a fact that we only have one planet earth. Having said that, why aren’t we all being more proactive about it and incorporating that thought into our daily habit

Aug 15 2019

Five Office Leasing Trends in the Downtown Toronto Real Estate Market

Toronto continues to be among the best cities in the world to live in, and has earned this reputation for many different reasons. Toronto is home to Canada's top sports teams, entertainment, art and key business opportunities, not to mention its

Aug 15 2019

The Terminal

The 1920s in Toronto was a time for Jazz, prosperity, raw material exports were up, unemployment was down, and we were well on the path of recovery from the first World War. Toronto was rumoured to be one of exporters to the United States for al